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Motion Graphics

Today I handed in my Motion Graphics project with a great sigh of relief not because it was a horrible project, but because of the huge amount of Matt hours (or man hours) it took to complete. It’s been a fantastic project for me, I’ve learnt a lot from working on it and have become so obsessed by the motion graphics world that I would like to pursue it as a career!

I feel that I have approached the brief in a professional manor and have produced something that is a little different from ‘My Style’. Lately I have been concerned that I have a particular ‘Matt Jones Style’. I’ve been told it’s good to have such a thing, but I feel I should have more to rely on, which is why I want to try different approaches, I’m fairly certain that having a deeper range of techniques and visual styles is going to make me more employable in the long run.

There are numerous things out there to get me thinking differently, such as ‘50 Ways To Improve Your Design Work’ and motion graphics database’s such as and that hosts thousands of movies that are sure to inspire.


There is also a huge amount of After Effects Tutorials to keep me learning and some great plug-ins for AE, such as Trapcode.

What saddens me is that I’ve got the BUG for motion graphics, but now I have no projects to work on, hopefully I should get some work coming in, with the power of my new show reel! Until then I can get excited with our website and Sky brief.



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