Main Sauce Productions

A friend of mine who works as a secretary in a company that designs novelty toys phoned me up after seeing my show reel and asked if I would like to design the packaging for their toys. Seeing this as an opportunity to get some work experience and earn a bit of money, I agreed to an interview.

I found out the name of the company and did as much research as possible in preparation for the interview. Main Sauce Productions is their name and their website is They sell and distribute novelty toys, often taking products from Japan and repackaging them.

MSP logo

At 12.40 the next week, I got a coach from Bournemouth to London in time for the interview at 3.30 in Oxford Circus. I met the boss of the company and the interview process began, was far more relaxed than I had anticipated. I was told that I would be making the packaging for the toys, the graphics and the box design, not knowing the slightest thing about package design, i was out of my depth, but i kept my cool. I was glad when the interview was over, but looking I failed to mention anything about payment and did not draw up ANY kind of contract. Which turned to to be a good thing, as a week later when I emailed him asking for product information, I received no reply and gradually the project fizzled out. I’m glad this was the outcome as I was well out of my depth, and simply couldn’t produce a final product that would match anything in my show reel, luckily for me there was no contract binding me to the job so I let the job slip away.

There is two lessons to this story, ONE; always be honest with your skills, don’t bite off more than you can chew, as you will most likely end up bitten. TWO; if you can handle the job make a contract there and then to save hassle when dealing with payment.


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