Sky Interface

We have a set concept and are now working on a demo video for our Sky interface project. I have recently discovered some videos that hint at the interactivity for our concept.


“The technology uses a sensor that monitors the position and properties of an object within five feet of it, so not only will you be able to point at the screen to guide the cursor, but your gestures and hand signs will register as well, and control an on-screen object’s position and depth.”


It’s exciting that our futuristic concept is slowly becoming reality, but these videos could take away the ‘Wow’ factor from our concept. Luckily we have expanded upon our idea quite massively, in ways I won’t speak of until we have released our demo video…coming shortly.


Upon further search, I found someone had made another topic of our group discussion a reality. We spoke of a massage interface that was aimed at couples to add an element play. Our idea was to have content projected onto the skin, such as marching ants, so the other user would have to squish them by massage. In the video they have strapped a vest with pads onto someone and plugged it into a Playstation.



Seems a little violent for a sensual massage! I prefer our idea.



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