Beautiful New Video from Bjork

A beautiful new music video or Bjork’s ‘Wanderlust’ taking over a year in the making, Directed by Encyclopedia Pictura (on Ghost Robot’s roster) with post-production handled by UVPHACTORY,

Watch ‘Bjork – Wanderlust’

I love the tactile visuals in this video, it has such an immersive quality that draws the viewer into this distant land. The part when Bjork’s head is forced under the water and breaks through another surface rather than being submerged is an unsettling moment that stood out to me. I also like the texture of the water and the wool like qualities it has, the overall feel of the video has a hypnotic yet very natural feel to it that suits the song well.

It’s worth watching the ‘making of’ as the amount of work involved is breath taking. What I find interesting is the actual process, they are using a lot of ‘REAL’ footage on combination with computer graphics rather than the entire process being CGI.

Lately it seems a lot of companies are opting for ‘Real’ content over CGI particularly among high end commercials such as Sony Bravia.

Sony Bravia – Bouncy Balls

Sony Bravia – Bouncy Balls – Making Of

Sony Bravia – playDoh

Sony Bravia – playDoh – making of


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