Adobe ‘See What’s Possible’ Competition

Around mid March I entered an animation competition for Adobe’s ‘See what’s Possible’ promotion. The brief was to make an animation no longer than 2 minutes using adobe software that would feature the Photoshop logo and the ‘See What’s Possible’ strap line. My entry took just under two weeks for me to make and was a great experience for me. Having never entered a competition before, it was good to work on a competitive project with a tight deadline and other great and well know artist to compare to.

Journey By Matt Jones

The Animation shows the journey of a Photoshop creation, from the initial sketch to textures and eventually environment. The animation depicts the process in a non-literal way, showing that it’s possible to create a unique life structure from nothing but Adobe tools, a sketch and an idea.

I feel I have learnt some new techniques from working on the project particularly to do with textures and lighting, but most of all I am certain that my work pace has increased incredibly. From this experience I can safely say I will be entering more competitions as there is a lot to be learnt from the experience and the outcome is another powerful video in my portfolio, with a big brand name attached.


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