Taking The Music Trip

Over the holiday and into the third year I have found myself to have a growing interest in music, musical devices, performances and ..well just about anything musical and interesting.

It amazes me, the power of music, the musical trip, and the energy from watching a live performance and the connection when playing an instrument with someone or in a band.

Over the holiday I spent a lot of time on the drum kit, guitar and turntables and for the first time, I played the drums with other musicians (a guitar and keyboard player) in front of a small audience, to my amazement the power of the music and the unspoken connection between us was so intense that we were making our own songs without any rehearsal, conversations and without stop!

This whole experience has drawn me towards the world of music, I want to investigate interaction with music, instruments, devices, lighting and other elements of this nature, in aim to understand and create some form of original and exciting interaction.

As a staring point i got hold of some music software ‘Reason 4’, in an attempt to understand and create music, atmospheres and ambience. Its all going well and I will perhaps put some tracks online for all to listen.


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