More Music Madness

After all the excitement of the midi music interfaces (that’s about three days of staying up Very very late with very very loud noises) I’ve decided to see if any other interesting examples were to be found on the net.
It seems from my search that just about every traditional instrument has been transformed into some form of midi interface.
MIDI Trumpit

Drums, Brass, Keyboards, guitars, turntables, mixers, samplers and so on.

Later on i had the chance to speak to one of our tutors, Phil, about my new musical quest/obsession. He mentioned some new software for me to explore, such as Ableton Live and Logic Pro.
Phil also mentioned touch screen control surfaces. The idea behind these is to create a touch screen mixer that isn’t limited by physical switches and sliders. The concept is good but i cant help but feel like a physical mixer will be more reliable and easier to use. on a touch screen surface your finger can stick or skid where as with a physical crossfader, the movement is much more natural.

Phil then mentioned creating a link between these controlers and the ‘Tangible Table‘, an exciting idea but doesnt quite feel like my calling. (Its up for grabs)


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