Experimental Musical Experiences

Digging around on the web again, i found some more interesting takes on music performance.

Firstly, Gil Kuno’s ‘Six String Sonics, The‘.

Instead of stringing one guitar with 6 strings, we have created 6 single string guitars which will be played by 6 people. Since there will be 6 hands manning the strings, the group is capable of reaching many more chords and melodies.

The concept is incredible, from what i can tell it has created an extreme closeness between the members of the band and a new outlook to guitar songwriting. The music is actually rather listenable, in-fact enjoyable! It still sounds like the early stages but… well have a listen for yourself.

1. Mars Icon
2. Evidence of Pop
3. Slow Stone Slow
4. Hard Ball

Like a lot of prog/experimental rock, its takes a few listens to get into it, but i do have a fondness for the second track ‘Evidence Of Pop’.

Next up is The Res (Recycling Entertainment System).

“6 NES controllers, midi signals and Max/MSP allow players to jam together.”

Its a great party piece that allows up to 6 friends to blast out some music using a device that just about every human is familiar with. I can imagine its hard to stay in time but the guys in this video seem to make a good job of it. Every now and then it turns a bit chaotic and falls apart but later in the video they make some funky beats.

The link between these pieces is the central point of interest, the way that a group of people come togher and explore strange unconventional ways of making music and rhythm thanks to these strange devices.

Lesson of the day: The experience seems to be more powerful once it is shared with other people.


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