VJ Demonstration

Today in class, a group of students gave a talk and demonstration of some V-J work they had done over the weekend .

Using a midi controller through Arkaos, they mashed various clips together to accompany the DJ’s set.

This is a basic form of VJing, but it still proves entertaining. An example of advanced VJing would be ColdCut. I saw their ‘Journeys By VJ’ live set in Bestival this summer which combined the samples they played with visuals, then as they scratched them the visuals would behave as the sound would. I’m not sure how intricate the set up was and how much control they had over it, but it still was a great show.

These are the closest videos i can find of their performance, its a shame, because it doesn’t really do it justice. There is something nice about seeing the human element as well, watching how they actually control the sound and visuals.

Coldcut – Revolution

Coldcut – Timber


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