Specialist Project – Learning Agreement

Two weeks into the project and I’ve secured an idea for what I want to work on and have written up a learning agreement.

Here’s a brief summary of what it is I want to create…

  • “For this project I want to explore the concept of interactive ambience. In aim to create a visual display, that can change between states as the user switches their attention to and from the piece.
    The idea came from working late at night, in a dark room with only the computer as company. Whilst in this dark, lonely room, I wanted some kind of presence or company that would fill the room without demanding my full attention. In an attempt to cure the lonely atmosphere I turned on the television only to find that its fast pace and demand for attention would only distract me from the work that needed my full awareness. From this I decided that it was my duty to explore this concept and create a ‘polite’ media presence that would react to the users attention, providing entertaining visuals when looked at, then as attention is given elsewhere it would die down and create only atmospheric ambience.”
    “The reason for doing this is to bring back the freedom of thought, to give people a chance to relax and think without the influences of advertising or television. In modern life its normal to relax in front of the TV, in the older days people would relax in front of a fire. The television and the fire both have mesmerising qualities, yet the fire has the innocence of being ‘just a fire’.”

The best way to sum up the concept for this project would be ‘Polite Media Presence’. As far as I am aware this term hasn’t been used yet and is something I have rather cunningly conjured up!


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