David OReilly – “If you love Pixar, you will hate this.”

I’ve recently discovered the work of director and animator ‘David OReilly‘. Each of his projects whilst beautiful and unique hold a strong concept topped with nice chunks of deliciously dark humor. To me David OReilly is to animation, what Aphex Twin is to music.

Please Say Something

“A troubled relationship between a Cat and Mouse set in the distant Future. 30 Second Breakneck Heartbreak Uncut Turbodrama. Fatfree Ultraviolent Freezedried Shrinkwrapped Antiballet Timeline Easyopen Modern Unpunctuated Crass Clean Crisp High Definition Subversive Absurd Arrogant Loud Pretentious Sugarcoated Sincere Authentic Stories. Please Say Something, any answer will do.”

Octocat Adventure

The Octocat Adventure is a crude animation under the false name of Randy Peters. In the episodes we follow Octocat on his search to find his real parents. During the 5 episodes we are led to believe we ware watching the work of young Randy Peters, on he 5th and final episode, the animation switches to a professionally made piece of 3d cinema, reveling that this is actually the work of David OReilly.

Octocat had a huge fan following and when the truth was reveled, they didn’t take it well…



“I’m sure I’ll be accused of misleading people again, but I won’t apologize for that. Why? Because you’ve all proved one vitally important point: audiences don’t need polished, slick animation to find a story engaging. They are happy to follow the worst animated, worst designed and worst dubbed film of all time, and still laugh and cry and do all the things you do watching a so-called “high end” film. Its amazing, I’ve never been so excited about independent animation.”—David ‘O Reilly


“Still in high demand from film festivals the world over, RGBXYZ is on record for the lowest budget award winning animation of all time, at precisely $0.00.
If you love Pixar, you will hate this.”

David O´Reilly´s talk at the Pictoplasma animation festival


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