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Dont Shit Your Pants

Dont Shit Your Pants – “A survival horror game.”

“You are a bald man who needs a shit. Will you make it until the time runs out without shitting your pants? Will you be able to achieve all ten Shitting Achievements and be crowned Shit King? Will you wonder afterwards if you could have spent your time more productively?”

Another interesting old school game delivered in a playful adult way, the other one being envirobear.


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Old Covers

Here are a few great links where people have been taking popular games/films and designing classic covers out of them.

Here are a few of my favorites;


Bioshock Original Cover

Deer Hunter

Mirrors Edge

Check out the rest …


Films –

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Enviro-Bear 2000

This is so funny, and I’m not quite sure why…

Perhaps its the way the clock bounces and smashes around, maybe its the bears lazy one handed slouch or perhaps the way he grabs the foot pedals!

There is something very cool about the monster engine sounds, the physics, the pedals, steering wheel and well, everything! It turns out, this is an actual game that can be played on windows machines, Download Here and Read a little bit more Here and Here.

It’s incredibly funny to play, especially when there’s a badger loose, jumping all over wheel and pedals. You can even crash into a boulder, and use the rocks that fall in through the sun roof to hold down the accelerator and do some serious driving !  Go EnviroBear, Go!

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