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Pro Project – Post Production

Today, David came to my house and set up a TV preview screen so i can see how the project will look on an actual TV which the format the final project will be viewed on.



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Pro Project – Animation

Today we had an animation and post production meeting, myself and Alex now know what we need to do and can get on with the animation and post production.

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Pro Project – Shoot

Today, we drove to the set to start filming!

We aimed to get it all done in one day, but scince we had to wait until dark to start the filming we had to run on until the next day.

6am UP

7am on the road

9.30 meet Alex Adam and Fiona at Hertford north train station head to location

11 clear out attic

12 set up

12.30 arrange camera

1 set up ladder

1.30 lunch

2 attach ladder to light

3 set up lighting


9.30 stop filming Tidy up for tomorow

The next day

7 Turn Over

11 Finish and Tidy Up

12 On the road home

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Pro Project – Recky

Today we traveled up to location for assessment. Judging health and safety situations, space for cameras, equipment, cables and so on.

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Pro Project – Screen Test

Today we had the screen test, where we set Fiona in front of a camera and rehearsed her lyrics and routines.

Time Plan

2pm – Catch the train from Bournemouth to London

4.30pm – Meet Dave at Train Station and Head to Adams Flat

5pm – Meet Adam and Fiona at the flat.

6pm – Set up camera and simple lighting.

7pm till 10pm filming + coaching

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Pro Project – Story Board

Today we finialized the storyboard.

Story Board

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Pro Project – Initial Meeting

Today I had my initial meeting for the Professional Project.

The team

David – Director

Naz – Producer

Alex – Visual editor effects lighting technician

Adam – Acting Coach

Fiona – Music artist

Time Plan

7am – up

9am – Myself, David and Naz – Out the door on the road

11am – Arrive at Alex’s House -Place of meeting

11.30am – Adam and Fiona Arrive


Fiona Leave

Discuss enthusiasm

Go with project/ go for plan B?

Action plan

Storyboard – concept



Post production

Whats Next

Contact list

Story board

Animated story board

Mock animation

Arrainge location Shoot

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