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Yellow Drum Machine

This little yellow robot roams around looking for something to drum on. It plays a beat, samples the sound, makes sure it is good, and creates little rhythms over the top. It’s a fantastic concept that is executed well, I would like to spend some time on this kind of technology perhaps for the third year project. But does this creation fit into ‘Interactive media’, it has no real user to robot interaction, no interface however, it does interact with its environment in a dynamic and entertaining way.

Watch Videos and read more about it at;


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Beautiful New Video from Bjork

A beautiful new music video or Bjork’s ‘Wanderlust’ taking over a year in the making, Directed by Encyclopedia Pictura (on Ghost Robot’s roster) with post-production handled by UVPHACTORY,

Watch ‘Bjork – Wanderlust’

I love the tactile visuals in this video, it has such an immersive quality that draws the viewer into this distant land. The part when Bjork’s head is forced under the water and breaks through another surface rather than being submerged is an unsettling moment that stood out to me. I also like the texture of the water and the wool like qualities it has, the overall feel of the video has a hypnotic yet very natural feel to it that suits the song well.

It’s worth watching the ‘making of’ as the amount of work involved is breath taking. What I find interesting is the actual process, they are using a lot of ‘REAL’ footage on combination with computer graphics rather than the entire process being CGI.

Lately it seems a lot of companies are opting for ‘Real’ content over CGI particularly among high end commercials such as Sony Bravia.

Sony Bravia – Bouncy Balls

Sony Bravia – Bouncy Balls – Making Of

Sony Bravia – playDoh

Sony Bravia – playDoh – making of

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Sensors and motors… making things happen

HAL or hybrid assistive limb is the result of 10 years’ work by Yoshiyuki Sankai of the University of Tsukuba in Japan, and integrates mechanics, electronics, bionics and robotics in a new field known as cybernics. It uses sensors to detect electronic signals in human muscles that triggers motors in the suit to engage giving the wearer reinforced limbs. The suit can give the user up to 5 times human strength and is aimed at helping farmers with heavy lifting.

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Drinkable Art

I tend to enjoy a lot of modern art that I encounter, although my understanding of it isn’t as deep as the artist may desire, it still conjures up an internal feeling and response. This is the exact topic that artist Hannes Broecker has expressed with his drinkable installation.


“Each wall frame is filled with a different adult beverage, and the varying colors create a display that any critic could no doubt wax rhapsodic about for days. The difference here though is that stacked in the middle of the gallery are glasses, and the visitor walks up to the various ‘pictures’ and fills their glass from a tap on the bottom.” – DVICE


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Portfolio Trail

After a while of portfolio research, I decided it would be a good idea to document the journey, so here we are.

I feel that my own style is somewhat cartoony and perhaps childlike which I feel has caused me to be drawn toward these styles of portfolios. One of my favourite portfolios that fit into this category is that of Psyop, the website has such a unique style and has a distinctive layout, which reflects their style of work. The unique name and logo help the company stand out, which ties into a video they produced as their ‘anthem’ which demonstrates the process of their design and their aims. One of my favourite videos is the MTV HD advert.



First up is FULLTANK, a well designed website, very simple and easy to use. All the important information is available on the first page along with a show reel demonstrating some fantastic work, my personal favourite is ‘Zune’.



Another incredible portfolio named ‘Favourite Color’. The website is simple and clean, but that isn’t what attracted me to it. The use of 3d animation and visual style is what stood out to me. The work produced is fantastic and has inspired me to explore 3d computer graphics.

Fav COl

Favorite Color

This Wrigley’s video is exactly the kind of thing I would like to make in 3d! Simple and amazingly cute characters, well animated, in a human environment.


Wrigley’s Ad

I think it’s time for some cinema 4d tutorials!

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